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Re: g

--- Douglas Baldwin <coyotelk@optonline.net> wrote:

> King's club in NYC, about - what was it? three years
> ago?), I had a feeling
> of "digital fatigue" from the guitars

I tell you, I've gone to see them and I've had good
ol'fashion ear fatigue from their far too loud mix.  I
spent one show almost in the lobby it was do damn

> dunno Mark, maybe I'm just
> becoming an old fart - "Hey! You Kids! Get offa my
> lawn with that digital
> hash! You're making me tired with all those 'ones'
> and 'zeros!' "

Haha.  Yeah, I like being a cranky old man myself. 
Suits me just fine!  Perhaps I don't hear what you're
hearing because I've already lost that range of
hearing.  In the end I just have to smile because I
know most of the people who do hear my music are
listening to it via CreativeAudio $50 computer

Take care my friend, if you make a recording of any
type, g or no g, I'd like to hear it.


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