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Re: g

comments follow quotes...

> > Doug, you wrote "In the world of electronic chips
> > and processors, I own a Boss GT-3. I love it. BUT.
> > It has no resonance around the pitch of G.
> > Regardless of the patch, it kinda goes limp when I
> > play a G. I can feel my guitar resonating, but I
> > hear the unit just tossing a wet blanket over the
> > note. Explain that one. "
> My guitar's going through a Tonelab SE AND a VF-1 and
> my g string sounds beautiful.  Chimy and resonent.
> Just in case I powered everything up before I wrote
> this to check.  Yup.  Sounds great.
> Now, I'm using a solid body Steinberger (not the all
> carbonfiber ones, but the neck is)  Could your problem
> be the mojo of the tree hates the mojo of the silicon?
>  Perhaps a gypsy put a curse on you?
> but I kid.  There's got to be a scientific reason for
> what you're experiencing, but I can't imagine saying,
> "Digital" will cover it.  Let's face it, what music
> does one listen to these days that doesn't become
> digital at some point?  I'd love to hear a recording
> of your problem.

If I remember to press the "record" button the next time I'm playing with
that rig, I'll send you a recording! It's clear and obvious when it 
In spite of my previous pronouncement ("digital = bad mojo") I don't 
that ALL digital info is ALL bad. It's when you get to the edges (very 
strong transients; upper harmonic content; very soft; etc.) that the
weaknesses appear to me.

> I've seen Adrian Belew live with his Line6 modeling
> amps and he's got one of the sweetest tones going.  I
> really can't imagine it's that.

I must confess, as much as I love Ade, when I last saw King Crimson (B.B.
King's club in NYC, about - what was it? three years ago?), I had a feeling
of "digital fatigue" from the guitars. I think the Frippster was using a
digital amp as well. I LOVE the Crim and I'll go anywhere they take me, but
that's what I felt. So I really CAN imagine it's that! :-) What actually
surprised me was that they were using the amps. I dunno Mark, maybe I'm 
becoming an old fart - "Hey! You Kids! Get offa my lawn with that digital
hash! You're making me tired with all those 'ones' and 'zeros!' "