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Re: g

At 9:29 AM -0800 12/20/06, mark sottilaro wrote:
>--- Douglas Baldwin <coyotelk@optonline.net> wrote:
>>  Doug, you wrote "In the world of electronic chips
>>  and processors, I own a Boss GT-3. I love it. BUT.
>>  It has no resonance around the pitch of G.
>>  Regardless of the patch, it kinda goes limp when I
>>  play a G. I can feel my guitar resonating, but I
>>  hear the unit just tossing a wet blanket over the
>  > note. Explain that one. "
>but I kid.  There's got to be a scientific reason for
>what you're experiencing, but I can't imagine saying,
>"Digital" will cover it.

Agreed, but what about saying "design" to cover it.

Think about it: 90% of all modelers out there are really nothing more 
that some sort of distortion/preamp with an EQ stage inserted 
pre-distortion and another EQ stage inserted post-distortion.  Yeah, 
I know things are a little more complicated with real-life, but 
that's pretty much the basic concept.

However, just as EQ's can create resonant frequencies, they can also 
cut them.  It's entirely possible that the EQ snapshots within the 
Boss modeller are interacting to create an artificial "dead spot" 
around the fundamental frequency of 'G'.  In fact, I'd even go so far 
as to bet that the designers on the GT-3 were probably trying to do 
something like emulate that famous Marshal "mid-scoop", and 
inadvertently whacked out the frequency response as the pre- and 
post- EQ's interact.  In addition, there could be further problems 
with other items (either instruments or effects) up and down the 
signal chain exacerbating this effect.

So, I'm betting that Douglas is probably spot on with his 
observations, and the GT-3 has some design issues.

Also, I think it starts to show that any system (digital or analog) 
which is made complex enough will begin to take on some 
anthropomorphic characteristics.  Sometimes, that's a good thing, 

"I'm wasting time worrying about wasting time."