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Re: Stepping on silence, mojo and vintage gear

At 11:15 PM -0500 12/20/06, Douglas Baldwin wrote:
>I can't explain it as well as an engineer, but my take is that 
>analog is infinite in detail and forgiving at its limits; digital is 
>finite in detail and unforgiving at its limits. Analog = good mojo, 
>digital = bad mojo.

Ah, but then we have the example of the Ensoniq/E-mu Paris HD 
recording system -- a digital system which not only allowed you to 
drive the recording needles "into the red" but actively encouraged 
you to.  They'd figured out a digital algorithm that realistically 
emulated the same sort of soft clipping or tape saturation you find 
in an analog system.

Of course, it seems they're about the only ones to have done that, 
but it shows it can be done.

>It takes strong magic to harness the power of digital mojo.

Werd!  Or else incorporate enough complexity and variables into the 
system that it develops a mind of its own, and then simply amuse 
yourself as you watch it run amok.  ;)

"Now Simulcast on Crazy People's Fillings"