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Re: New stuff

the other day, one of my tunes was playing from my i-pod in the 
livingroom, louise came down the stairs, "that's awful!" sez she, "what 
don't you like about it?" i query, "EVERYTHING!" she answers and stops 
me in my tracks.....tony, i love your new piece!, i hear so many things 
going on in it, good stuff.....but the truth of the matter is this, i 
know no one, friends, family etc. that would listen to this music.....i 
fear that other than the folk on LD, i don't know anyone who can get 
behind music of this nature.....talk about living in a social vacuum, 
when my buddy comes over i always get "don't be playin that weird shit, 
it's devil's music".....and i think of myself as one of the more 
"milk/toast" players here, my stuff would go well on an "easy listening 
lite" channel.....when will "LOOPER'S ISLAND" be a reality, i'm soooo 


Fun with a Bitrman and 4 delays. :)




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