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Re: New stuff

On 3 apr 2007, at 16.40, nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> good stuff.....but the truth of the matter is this, i know no one,  
> friends, family etc. that would listen to this music.....

Hey, Michael. I recognize Tony's musical attitude (with that piece)  
as what some Swedish jazz musician use to call "SPRÄCK". I don't now  
how to call that genre in English, the Swedish word is absolutely  
hilarious in Swedish, but it would translate into something like  
"fuck shit up" or simply "explode". Usually this music is (or was)  
played by "jazz musician" although the "real" jazz musicians (those  
who know the Stan Getz catalog by heart) would not agree that these  
"spräck" musicians has anything to do with jazz. Maybe the wildest  
live recordings from Albert Ayler's band could qualify as SPRÄCK?  
Anyway, sometimes it sounds horrible and I can't stand it and  
sometimes it sounds so extreme that I just love it. Still don't  
understand exactly what makes the difference although it's obvious  
when you listen to it. Sorry for the long and confused post, but what  
I was trying to say is that there are some people that would listen  
to that music ;-)