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Re: OT thanks Art Simon!!!!!

Rick Walker schrieb:
> Wow,  Art,
> I just finished a couple of hours perusing that site and all the amazing 
> other sites that do similar things that it is linked to.

Yes, thanks a lot Art,
I will never finish at it seems, holded me off the list for some time... 

I am kind of recollecting stuff I had on old Shamrock tapes. But I can't 
play them anymore, they just dissolve. I had some treasures in there. It 
seems that blogosphere is the place to find that kind of stuff. No 
matter how weird. But its hard to search, as these sites usually are not 
listed by Google.

> I found an amazing Jazz discography site that just allowed me to find a 
> tune I've been looking for for years

I wouldn't mind sharing link lists...

These are some I found interesting, but beware, they open the box of 

(this is funny, because its not me and in Paris usually they write my 
name with ph instead of f, there must be another Stefan in this small 
town... ;-)

For searching other blogs, this seems usable:


have fun...


Stefan Tiedje------------x-------
--(_|_ ----|\-----|-----()-------
-- _|_)----|-----()--------------