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Re: Film music rights

info at zoekeating schrieb:
> Given the tiny amount of money I was pretty shocked when the director
> balked and replied  "there are thousands of musicians out there who I
> can get music for free from. Why should I pay for yours?". I said,
> well, you're free NOT to use it then, and walked away.

You did correct so, as he doesn't seemed to be interested in your music 
and would replace it with anything. That is not the kind of feedback a 
serious musician is interested in, it probably corresponds to the 
quality of his arb (read arbitrary, or "not art"... ;-). Art is about 
making decisions... "we're only in it for the money..."...

I would always ask roughly for the same hourly rate as the whole project 
is earning. It might be little in the end, but it would be fair. Its 
simply a question of respect. For a given project everybody contributing 
has an importance directly proportional to the amount of work put in. To 
nothing else...
(supporting a project with money is also time spent to collect this 
But this is what Marx told us already more than 150 years ago... ;-)
In the end its our own responsibility to insist on this respect...


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