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Re: Any experienced Ableton users able to give me a hand?

At 8:56 AM +0100 6/3/09, Simeon Harris wrote:
>that sounds like it might work for me too, as i do like to reroute 
>fx and also have side chains. so how do you change fx patches on the 
>fly? or do you not bother? i suppose you could have a long reverb 
>and a short reverb in two separate send and just choose which one 
>you want to use...?

For patch changes, almost all of my plugs can respond to a simple 
program change.  For the ones that won't, I either follow your 
suggestion above (multiple instantiations of the same plug turned on 
and off), or, in most cases, I just send CC commands to reconfigure 
the parameters on the fly.  That's another possible use for MIDI 
clips, BTW, if you have a large chunk of changes you want to make all 
at once.

At 11:24 PM +0100 6/3/09, Simeon Harris wrote:
>mech - i've just tried your multiple returns method in Live... one 
>plugin in each return and using the sends to pass the audio around 
>the mixer - very nice. one problem though - as soon as i send audio 
>through any of the returns (even one with no plugins in it) i get 
>masses of latency all of a sudden....have you noticed this? and is 
>there a cure?

What?!? That's utterly bizarre.  No, I've never noticed any latency 
via the Return channels, in any of the versions of Live I've run.  It 
should all be taking place through digital bussing, so I wouldn't 
imagine any delay beyond perhaps the single sample level.

What version of Live are you running, and what does your 
hardware/software configuration consist of?  Anything else loading 
down the computer's CPU at the same time, perhaps?  This sounds 

"bye-bye empire; empire, bye-bye"