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Re: Any experienced Ableton users able to give me a hand?

At 9:15 PM -0400 6/3/09, Todd Matthews wrote:
>Mech - This is awesome!

Wow, thanks!  I'm glad that I was able to clear up a few problems. 
Live's routing is one of the things that keeps me coming back to it 
every time I try to run away.  For some reason, this has always just 
clicked for me on the most basic level (send effects vs. insert 
effects) so I didn't see much sense in complicating it further.

However, I surely can't take credit for the MIDI clips stuff.  I 
first heard the idea from "the incredibly kind Per" a while back. 
And I think Zoe also uses them (or used to) for firing off commands 
during her set, IIRC.  About the only thing I might take credit for 
could possibly be using MIDI clips to 'hocket' control commands 
faster than the human eye -- turning them into de facto LFO's.  But, 
y'know, I'm kinda demented that way, I guess.

Regardless of the source, they're a great device and rock mightily. 
But thank you for the recognition nonetheless.  :D

>Using the simple audio switcher in Bidule is so much easier than the 
>rack madness I was dealing with in Live

Oh yeah, I really like Bidule as well.  Although I haven't really 
used it much lately, I did build a MIDI looper with it last year. 
The flexibility is fantastic, and saves me from having to learn 

Unfortunately for me, though, it seems I'm even lazier than that. 
Live seems to have become my path of least resistance.  Whenever I 
get a harebrained idea (and, trust me, this happens quite often) I 
can usually mock it up most quickly in Live, so that's what I end up 
reaching for first.

>When you say your sending a parallel message to turn off effects 
>would both be done with a midi clip?

Yep!  That's another good use, now that you mention it: using a clip 
as a "shim".  Let's say that you can only send a single message from 
your controller.  Use it to fire a clip, and use the clip to fire off 
as many more messages as you need.  They can be other "one-shot" 
messages to turn effects on or off, or a continuous stream to 
automate levels or fades, for instance, or a mixture of all those 

Conceivably, you could use your FCB only to send messages to activate 
MIDI clips.  Those clips would then act as 'little helpers' and fire 
off all the other commands you might need.

Of course, some parameters are better suited for realtime control. 
But, like you said, you've got two expression pedals you could use 

>Thanks again, for helping see routing in Live in a new way. I need 
>to re-read your post a couple more times to wrap my head around it. 
>I've been painting past couple of days and I think the fumes are 
>making me a little slower:)

And if you have any questions or need any help getting it to work, 
don't hesitate to ask.  :)

Thanks again for the kudos!

"the wind in my heart; the dust in my head...."