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Re: EDP and Logic Glitches

I'm not as technically savvy as previous opines, but I had an EDP glitch caused by a program change on a completely separate ext midi channel before. That was weird and unexplainable, but I delete the p change (wasn't using it) and the problem went away (for that song).

I also noticed in one song if my general reset messages were not on the 1 beat then sometimes my sync would be off (rounded to the next downbeat after 1 i.e. 2).  Does that seem possible?

I am using 8th note so I put all my record on off messages right before the downbeat.  I've noticed that on a few occasions a record will be missed.

Sometimes I would move the note over a few frames and it would hit every time - again, I am quantized to 8th note (pre delay method), so that wont work for you.  sometimes I feel like just doing something like deleting the region in question, or even note in question and recreating it might help.  Or adding an extra bar at the beginning of the song.  Doesn't make sense, but neither do I most of the time and I seem to be doing OK in life. Adam