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Re: EDP and Logic Glitches

^|>^m wrote:
> I'm not as technically savvy as previous opines, but I had an EDP glitch 
> caused by a program change on a completely separate ext midi channel 
> before. That was weird and unexplainable, but I delete the p change 
> (wasn't using it) and the problem went away (for that song).
> I also noticed in one song if my general reset messages were not on the 
> 1 beat then sometimes my sync would be off (rounded to the next downbeat 
> after 1 i.e. 2).  Does that seem possible?

yes, because the EDP gets the message fractionally after the beat and
quantises to the next one.

Interestingly, when you end a multiply the edp is able to 
compensate for a slightly late press, but most features 
don't have that.