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very off topic : IRS

i am sorry this is very off topic. but since a lot of the members of this list are from usa, i need to ask this.
as some of you may know, i did a 5 week tour in usa in march-april. i have been invited by ucsc to give a lecture and a premier of a new commissioned piece. there i also recorded a new record with bill walker, which i am mixing at the moment. everything was great except one issue. the IRS!
it seems that i need to apply for an ITIN number to receive the payment from the university. i filled out the w7 form along with other things and sent them to irs. but now it seems that i need to fill out the form 8233 and get a letter from the social security that states that "i am ineligible to receive a social security number". so it seems that first i need to be rejected to be accepted! well, so my question is : how do i get a letter from the social security that states i am ineligible?
i though that the turkish bureaucracy was weird, but it seems that this even weirder. this is the first that in my life i am applying somewhere to be rejected!
again i am very sorry everyone about this email. but i am desperate and frustrated.
Erdem Helvacioglu
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