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Re: very off topic : IRS

Hi Erdem,

I have also struggled with this surprisingly protectionistic American
bureaucracy. You are supposed to apply either to the unit in Texas
that handles this or to your locally closest licensed authority. In my
case this meant I sent my ITIN number appliance to the American
embassy in Paris. But look out - on the web site they do not give out
the information that you actually need to include a written document
that proves your involvement in American activities that generate
income for you. The Americans in Paris did not tell me about that
either, even though I e-mailed them the direct question, but sent my
appliance to Texas so someone in Texas could send me a snail mail back
telling me that my appliance lacked some (not specified) verifications
and thus could not be accepted. So I'm about to start my second round
now in this Kafka-like procedure ;-))  I did include in my appliance
enough copied correspondence between me and an American book
publishing label that I have been working for as a proof reader. My
guess is that only signed contracts will do, so get those papers from
the beginning and you will save at least one year in the process.

I'm not sure Americans in general know about this, since it only
affects non Americans that work for Americans companies while not
being American citizens or living in the country.

Good luck to you! I know people that have succeeded to get the ITIN so
it is definitely possible.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Erdem Helvacioglu<erdemhel@tnn.net> wrote:
> hey,
> i am sorry this is very off topic. but since a lot of the members of this
> list are from usa, i need to ask this.
> as some of you may know, i did a 5 week tour in usa in march-april. i 
> been invited by ucsc to give a lecture and a premier of a new 
> piece. there i also recorded a new record with bill walker, which i am
> mixing at the moment. everything was great except one issue. the IRS!
> it seems that i need to apply for an ITIN number to receive the payment 
> the university. i filled out the w7 form along with other things and sent
> them to irs. but now it seems that i need to fill out the form 8233 and 
> a letter from the social security that states that "i am ineligible to
> receive a social security number". so it seems that first i need to be
> rejected to be accepted! well, so my question is : how do i get a letter
> from the social security that states i am ineligible?
> i though that the turkish bureaucracy was weird, but it seems that this 
> weirder. this is the first that in my life i am applying somewhere to be
> rejected!
> again i am very sorry everyone about this email. but i am desperate and
> frustrated.
> best.
> Erdem Helvacioglu
> www.erdemhelvacioglu.com
> www.myspace.com/erdemhelvacioglu
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