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Re: New free toys in Mac v10.5

In terms of the time delay and variability of OSC message delivery -
it would probably completely depend on the implementation on the host
and client. I would guess it ought to be generally as good as
inter-application MIDI.

But with OSC you don't have to follow that model. i.e. with MIDI your
only chance of sync is to send messages at the right time and have the
host attempt to react at exactly the same time (or for clock, send
messages at a certain rate and have the host try to figure out that
rate). Because OSC is totally flexible you can set up much more
intelligent protocols e.g. directly specifying the tempo, or setting
up sync points using a common system clock, or something.

Of course the downside to OSC is that there's absolutely no standards
for this stuff implemented yet.


2009/6/12 Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>:
> How accurate is OSC for sync?