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Re: blech (pedal choices

For a somewhat updated version of the dl4, check out the damage control timeline.

I read that some of the guys who worked on the DL4 went to that company. I absolutely love mine for reverse, ping, multi, and a pretty decent chorus sound. It has a lot of options that my memory lane and replica don't.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 8:48 AM, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> wrote:
Hey G,

Do I get a decoder ring?

Only if you go the software route! :)

I can tap in a loop that is pretty accurate for most uses.
Oh.  Are you saying it has tap tempo?

that depends on what you call tap tempo. The 2880 works like this: Tap to start recording and tap to stop recording and begin playback. This is in non quantize mode unsynced. This is the way i use it. this is what I call tap tempo. It works just like the DL 4 in many ways in this mode. If you need the manual I have a pdf.

As a slave in quantize it's the same thing only you press the drum machine start after arming the 2880 to start recording then the 2880 button to set the lenght of the loop and begin playback. I find it virtually impossible to flub a loops timing while quantized in slave mode.

the ability to store and retrieve loops - rather than a delay pedal with a looper, if
you see what I mean.

I see what you mean but this is not my thing. I never play the same thing twice and can't repeat anything I have ever done exactly. I have basic themes or variations that i come back to.

Maybe what you need is the software route. Hopefully some of the lappys will chime in here. The 2880 will only save one loop on each card. It can have up to 4 tracks and a mixdown, etc but this is erased when you press new loop. Some of the "phrase sampler" type loopers can save multiple loops (Digi Jamman) but are not midi.

Best of luck on all you do,


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