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Re: Mobius, Question for Per

I know in Live 8 the included Looper plug-in allows you to set the  
tempo based on your first loop.  I've only used it for simple things  
so far, but I  imagine that with a clever set up you could do quite a  
lot with it.

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On Jun 12, 2009, at 9:40 PM, David Hayes <stringfling@gmail.com> wrote:

> So, forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but how do you get  
> input into the stand-alone version of Mobius? (I assume you must be  
> able to or why have a stand alone?) I get a Mobius Configuration  
> Error (Unaboe to open audio output device) when I open just Mobius,  
> perhaps that's it.
> Or do you use Mobius as a concert level plugin on a bus in  
> Mainstage? I believe I tried this but didn't see it on the lower  
> patches as expected...  If you use it like this is it so that you  
> can feed the midi timing information back into Mainstage (for  
> effects and whatnot?
> I had more success routing Mobius as a plugin in an Ableton Live  
> bus, but the only midi/timing/quantizing setting that seemed to work  
> somewhat as expected was Sync Mode=Host Bar with Qantize Mode and  
> Switch Quantize both set to Cycle. I'm pretty familiar with the  
> Echoplex preferences but the behavior when I try pretty much any  
> other setting.
> I tried the looper in Ableton (hoping I could have that sense my  
> tempo based on my start then send the cycle timing to Mobius) but  
> that looper seems really weird to me and ultimately I'd rather  
> already be playing and start loops/set timing with a foot press  
> rather then start a loop at the same time I start playing. In other  
> words, I'd rather do it echoplex style and have my sofware follow MY  
> beat, as you say in your blog.
> Is it possible to use Mainstage, Ableton, and Reason all together  
> with Mobius and have those other programs pick up the timing/ 
> quantize information from Mobius?
> Thank you so much. You're passion for this makes it easier to ask  
> for help and sometimes I get so stuck on hooking these  things  
> up.... This is the right path though, I'm sure of it.