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Mobius, Question for Per

So, forgive me if I'm missing something obvious, but how do you get  
input into the stand-alone version of Mobius? (I assume you must be  
able to or why have a stand alone?) I get a Mobius Configuration Error  
(Unaboe to open audio output device) when I open just Mobius, perhaps  
that's it.

Or do you use Mobius as a concert level plugin on a bus in Mainstage?  
I believe I tried this but didn't see it on the lower patches as  
expected...  If you use it like this is it so that you can feed the  
midi timing information back into Mainstage (for effects and whatnot?

I had more success routing Mobius as a plugin in an Ableton Live bus,  
but the only midi/timing/quantizing setting that seemed to work  
somewhat as expected was Sync Mode=Host Bar with Qantize Mode and  
Switch Quantize both set to Cycle. I'm pretty familiar with the  
Echoplex preferences but the behavior when I try pretty much any other  

I tried the looper in Ableton (hoping I could have that sense my tempo  
based on my start then send the cycle timing to Mobius) but that  
looper seems really weird to me and ultimately I'd rather already be  
playing and start loops/set timing with a foot press rather then start  
a loop at the same time I start playing. In other words, I'd rather do  
it echoplex style and have my sofware follow MY beat, as you say in  
your blog.

Is it possible to use Mainstage, Ableton, and Reason all together with  
Mobius and have those other programs pick up the timing/quantize  
information from Mobius?

Thank you so much. You're passion for this makes it easier to ask for  
help and sometimes I get so stuck on hooking these  things up.... This  
is the right path though, I'm sure of it.