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RE: Mobius, Question for Per

> I get a Mobius Configuration Error
> (Unaboe to open audio output device) when I open just Mobius, perhaps
> that's it.

The first thing you need to do after installing Mobius is select
an audio device, and usually a MIDI device.  From the Configuration
menu select "Audio Devices...".  In the dialog select an ASIO device
if you have one, otherwise a pair of MME devices.  The error
message you are seeing usually happens if you've selected a device,
then bring Mobius up with that device disconnected or powered down.

Mobius might be shipping with my development devices selected in 
the configuration (a MOTU Ultralite) which would cause an error unless
you also happened to have an Ultralite.  If that's the problem I'll
fix the default configuration so it doesn't have any device