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Re: Windows 7

Thanks Jeff,

I'm good with Live's set up and I'm on v8.0.3 which was released in
Vista times but me thinks the problems are not with Live or MOTU, but
are with the myriad of copy protection schemes that plug in makers
use.  I've got a bottle of wine standing by.  Wish me luck...


On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Jeff Larson<jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> 
> FWIW, I do all Windows development under Vista with a MOTU 828 and an 
> I'm still on Live 5 though.  I wouldn't expect Live 8 to have any 
>troubles with Vista since it
> was made at a time when Vista was more-or-less unavoidable.
> It is however a good idea to throw away all your old driver CD's and go 
>download the
> latest from the manufacturers web site.
> If I remember right Live has to be taught where the VST plugins live. 
> Bring up the preferences
> dialog and select the Plug-Ins tab.  In Live 5 there is a widget for 
>"VST Plug-in Custom Folder"
> the most common place for this is c:\Program Files\VstPlugins.
> Open a bottle of wine. You'll get through this :-)
> Jeff