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RE: Windows 7

FWIW, I do all Windows development under Vista with a MOTU 828 and an 
I'm still on Live 5 though.  I wouldn't expect Live 8 to have any troubles 
with Vista since it
was made at a time when Vista was more-or-less unavoidable.  

It is however a good idea to throw away all your old driver CD's and go 
download the
latest from the manufacturers web site.

If I remember right Live has to be taught where the VST plugins live.  
Bring up the preferences
dialog and select the Plug-Ins tab.  In Live 5 there is a widget for "VST 
Plug-in Custom Folder"
the most common place for this is c:\Program Files\VstPlugins.

Open a bottle of wine. You'll get through this :-)