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Re: OT: Mainstage patches - muddy mono feelin' :-(

OK, guys meanwhile, I've narrowed the problem down a bit further:

So, the main problem seems to be: 
Post-fader sending a signal to a bus/aux channel doesn't seem to grab the 
panning. I.e. when I use Ultrabeat, if I pan a sound _within_ UB, it 
works. However, when I use the ordinary channel panning, the sound will 
appear in the middle. (btw, we're talking stereo-only channels here).
On the other hand, when I don't use "Send" but directly route to "Bus1" 
instead of "Output1+2", then it works fine. But this is quite 
counterintuitive to what I have in mind (would also require Mobius to 
monitor input signal - well actually, all signals).

So, is there a way to use the channel sends with panning - and avoid 
hard-wiring the instrument and the bus?

best regards

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