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Re: Troubles recording vocals through bass octave effect

Well, I unplugged everything other than my board and tried recording off the laptop battery...same noise problem.  I didn't notice anything being less annoying.  The only digital stuff plugged in were my HD500 and Boomerang III.  The power supplies are on a power strip underneath the board.

There was 3-4' of space between the board and computer.

I then tried using a HP and LP filter on the HD500 with no luck.  I am not savvy enough to record and then use Reaper to add the HP/LP.  Me thinks it is either something wrong with the signal or digital interference from inside the computer.

My work around will be to record in stereo and send the bass lines uneffected panned hard to one side.  I can then add the octave down effect in post production and pan everything center.  I hope.
Mike Fugazzi
Quicksilver Custom Harmonicas

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 12:07 PM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
That sounds like you're picking up some kind of
interference, or have an earthing problem.

Could it be that the mic is getting close to the laptop
at that time?
I'd guess that all those digital electronics in the laptop
are causing that noise to start with, that's quite common.
...but normally it's due to the earthing in the laptop
power supply and it just sounds all the time, whereas
your problem fades in and out..

Things to try
1) use laptop on batteries only

2) go through a "silent run" of your performance,
picking things up, moving  and holding them as usual
while listening out for the ring.


Mike Fugazzi wrote:
If you try to listen for where I sing a bassline into an octave pedal you all of a sudden hear a weird high end distortion.  I thought my OP had a different link as it is me just playing acoustic harp and then setting up a couple of loops.  I am checking my work computer for a better example....|http://mikefugazzi.com/files/HeyJoeDistorted.mp3

You can really hear it around the 55s mark.