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Re: Boomerang midi sync and how to check software version

I've been in lots of exchanges with Mike Nelson about how to implement 
Record into Stack. The problem on the Boomerang is that the function 
buttons distinguish between a tap and a hold and hence one can't just talk 
about "hitting stack" if you want to do so with any degree of precision.

On the other hand, there are a range of other options that could 
potentially be used. For example, invoking stack and then picking an empty 
loop button could start recording into that loop and would go into stack 
when hitting the button again to end recording. (Actually, what I really 
want here is:

        End Tap (down) -> Close the loop, stack at 0% decay (feedback = 
100% for everyone else)
        End Tap (up - short press) -> Stack at current decay rate
        End Tap (up - long press) -> Play

That way you can get the equivalent of EDP safe mode for capturing things 
like delay trails or go into a steady layering.

As I recall, the behavior this ends up breaking is tied to some special 
logic when Stack and Erase are on the same button. I personally think that 
tradeoff is probably worth it.

For loopers in general, the other behavior I have been thinking would be 
nice while trying to limit the number of extra buttons is to say that a 
long press while going into stack/overdub would mean multiply and the next 
tap would take one into stack/overdub and thence to play. (This doesn't 
really work on the Boomerang in serial style because of the dual function