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Re: LP-1?

Mark, Bill...

My LP1 work gravitated to 2-3 loops at most. With 1.39, I learned early on 
that things get pretty darned brittle as you get too many tracks spinning 
up... but if you keep the loop count down (and reset all every now and 
then) things stay pretty stable.

Even at 2 or 3 loops, I found myself, through no fault of the LP1, stuck 
in whatever territory I began in. The multi-trackness of it just lent 
itself to that. Bill has mastered moving through tonal centers, but I have 
not yet succeeded there :)

With EDP linear workflow, I find it much easier to build loops and develop 
them, even through different tonal territories. And since I'm using the 
Echoloop VST, I could in fact use many instances of the thing to 
accomplish the "eight stereo EDP" idea... but I really feel no need, even 
to have two instances.... at this point in my ongoing evolution, one 
instance is plenty fun :)

I will absolutely go back and do real work on the LP1 at some point. It's 
a great machine, idiosyncrasies and all :)

Phil :)

ps Mark I agree w/r/t feedback level control in general, the CC pedal 
frustrates more than helps, I do plan on making those three levels (none, 
100%, and my evolution sweetspot) available as TouchOSC buttons at some 

On May 10, 2012, at 2:31 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> On May 10, 2012, at 8:13 AM, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> 
> wrote:
>> I think one key thing that is hard for people to do with an LP-1 is 
>> avoid the temptation to fill up as many tracks as you can with content, 
>> and sure enough that becomes static very quickly, I fight that in my 
>> own loop based music.
> But I paid for eight tracks ergo I have to use them! ;-) This goes with 
> the need to turn on all of the pedals on the pedal board at once.
> I wonder whether setting up the controls to encourage more of a phrase 
> sampler style would let people feel that they are using their whole 
> investment while avoiding the static congestion of having eight loops 
> running at once. (That said, Phil has my LP-1.)
>> One thing you might try is confining yourself to working with just two 
>> loops, one providing a rhythmic base and the other being your harmony 
>> melody base. Try evolving the melody/ harmony track with multiply and 
>> replace functions, fading stuff out while playing new content on top. 
>> track speed etc.
> This is actually how I used my pair of EDPs for quite a while. I would 
> actually keep the evolving loop one set to 0% feedback much of the time 
> so that it was basically just a long delay. In my experience, I really 
> just need three feedback levels — 0% (long delay for self duets/canons), 
> 100% (basic loop build up), and something in between for loop evolution. 
> Continuous pedals are arguably overkill and less simple to control 
> though I could see wanting a knob somewhere to adjust the middle value.
> Mark
> P.S. The signature sound for the LP-1 (besides the eight stereo loops at 
> once wall of sound) is almost certainly scramble.