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Re: LP-1?

Phil Clevenger schrieb:
Mark, Bill...

My LP1 work gravitated to 2-3 loops at most. With 1.39, I learned early on 
that things get pretty darned brittle as you get too many tracks spinning 
up... but if you keep the loop count down (and reset all every now and 
then) things stay pretty stable.

Even at 2 or 3 loops, I found myself, through no fault of the LP1, stuck 
in whatever territory I began in. The multi-trackness of it just lent 
itself to that. Bill has mastered moving through tonal centers, but I have 
not yet succeeded there :)
Hi Phil,

generally, having more than the 2-3 loops you mention is a challenge, if they are loops in the typical sense (i.e. with a full-blown part). There's a reason Bach didn't write that many eight-voice fugues ;). For me, a lot of tracks really work well either if not all of them sound at once (thus doing something that you also could do with multiple loops on fewer tracks, but for me is simpler to grasp), or by using extremely sparse tracks. If you have another long, out-of-sync track which only contains a few notes - that can add an interesting spice to the overall picture.

As for leaving the territory you're started in - use of variable feedback (both of the "normal looper type" and of what is primary feedback in EDP terms) works well for me here. Especially with primary feedback, things simply start to vanish, and you're forced to do something else...


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