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i couldn't spec all the details of the vox dynamic looper (VDL-1), but i had one for about a month of so, and i've been listening to the recordings of it, and honest to god i think it is one of the best "phrase sample based" loopers i've played. some may be put off that it only had 90 total sec of looping (i think they divide it up as 45 sec for loop A and 45 sec of loop B-which on those you can over dub infinitely, but have to stay w/in the 45 sec length of 1st loop), but i think it's mainly that you can process the loops after you create them---slow down, speed up, pitch up or down were my faves...and of course the stutter option was kind of cool as was the scrum (which i'm still not sure exactly what it did, but it sounded so cool). i think when i was messing w/ it in my short time, it didn't really wow me (ok, i'm a moron!), but honestly it could do some fun things. i know people seem to get hung up on the "loop time", and for me coming from delay based looping where i use maybe 8 sec at the most on my digitech dl8 (usually using 1 or 2 sec lately). i just thought it was a great idea creator---of course this is after the fact of the recordings i did w/ it, and have been listening to those for the last month or so...couple that w/ the fact that i was using the boss dd7 -the 2nd time i've had one of those---man that thing is a great noise maker, love the way it could make whacky 3 sec noise loops and warp/mangle in an odd way (perfect holding notes-no, but that was the fun).
so like an idiot i got rid of that....
i'll never learn....although i've been back w/ my digitech DL8 and it's been serving me well....i'm a simpleton...
oh, the vox looper is made to be on the floor-but i used it at table height, worked fine for me, it did take up some space, but....oh well....
i'm sure this isn't the last time i've made dumb decisions....onward to my next dumb decision....

I still absolutely love my Vox Looper. One of the best Father's Day Gifts I have ever bought myself! Kaoss Pad and VDL = fun for hours and hours.


-----Original Message-----
From: andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk>
To: Loopers-Delight <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Sat, May 12, 2012 6:44 am
Subject: Re: AUGMENTING - Vox VDL-1 data

ok, gonna test this out by experiment.

Vox VDL-1 Dynamic Looper

Overdub Y
Feedback N (except on 2s delay which can have loop synced to it)
Undo Y     (one layer with Redo independent for 2 tracks)
Multiply Y (by resample)
Quantize Y (one loop can be exact multiple of the other)
Reverse Y ( 2 types )
Midi     N
Presets  Y 
Sync      N
Cut'n'Paste slices N
Pitch Transposing  oct up/down continuous or semitone steps
Time stretching   Y
Tap Tempo    Y
Max loops instantly accessible 1 
Parallel loops  2
Tracks  2
Storage N
Battery N
Memory 90s

definitely missed out from chart

Stop/Start  Y

everyone forgets that one ;-)

Then there's stuff that might go on a chart, or in a 
comments section.

Mic input                  XLR no phantom.
Good quality guitar input   Y
Loop Volume (only by resample)
Input Volume (on mic, not needed on instrument)
Replace/Substitute N
Metronome Y (can be silent)
Polyrhythmic loops  Y (by sync to metronome)
Mix Down Y (via Re-sample)

Many pre and post fx, but only one of each at a time.
Foot pedal for fx control, or swell.
Loop and FX both sync-able to tap-time metronome.
FX not synced to loop.

Perhaps there should be a sound quality rating??

***** No noticeable change in sound
****  Good enough in studio, with care.
***   Gig-able
**    Try it out
*     Lo-fi glory

in which case the VDL-1 is definitely a ****, maybe a *****