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Re: AUGMENTING - Vox VDL-1 data

Scott Hansen wrote:
i couldn't spec all the details of the vox dynamic looper (VDL-1),

no, worries, we have that covered
(LDers know more about it than Vox)

let's hear about your VDL-1 specific tricks

only had 90 total sec of looping (i think they divide it up as 45 sec for loop A and 45 sec of loop B-

total loop time 90s

max loop length (if available mem remains) is 80s

there's also another full 90s of memory to handle Undo/Redo

which on those you can over dub infinitely,

...it's in the Vox publicity in big letters

but no, you can't do that.
1) feedback when overdubbing is 100%
2) sound quality degrades seriously by 20 overdubs

course the stutter option was kind of cool

syncs if you use metronome

as was the scrum (which i'm still not sure exactly what it did, but it sounded so cool).


it plays repeated small chunks of the loop over and over,
gradually moving the start point forward.
When you move the pedal you move the startpoint for the chunks
to a corresponding point in the loop.

Chunksize varied by the edit knob (try it :-)

Also, don't forget to try out the onboard delay and vary the time
while it's repeating.
(hold down "PRE FX" button and turn the edit knob, or if there's
no loop running use the tap time)

Those squeakly warble sounds work well if looped and treated with Scram.

Currently I'm using the delay synced to the metronome(sound turned down)
and messing with it till I get a nice loop, then making a (synced) 
recording of
it. (pullback the pedal to clear out the delay as playback of the loop