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OT: Space music on my radio program

Hi all,

I don't often post about my radio program/podcast "The World of
Wonder", since it's now a weekly thing. This week I have a theme that
may be dear to your many hearts (or many of your hearts) - we're doing
space music. Not any particular genre of space music, just lots of
stuff that makes you feel like you're in space or has a space theme,
ranging from the 1950s to today. It all starts with "The Adventures of
Captain Ron and His Spacecat Fluffy", a mock serial radio drama that
my dad with his neighbor in about 1980.

It's tonight at midnight PDT (UTC-7) at

...and it will appear later this week on my podcast page
(http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com). That page has an archive of 4
trailing episodes. The show focuses on a wide variety of unusual
music, including experimental, indie rock, international, etc

Matt Davignon
Podcast! http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com