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Re: EchoLoop in Live -- any lick MIDI mapping with the FCB1010?

Thanks, Per. See below

-----Original Message-----
Live can't pipe MIDI into stuff placed on effect return tracks. Here's
how to do it:

1) Insert EchoLoop on a MIDI Track.   DONE
2) Set that MIDI track to listen to your FCB.  DONE
3) Set that MIDI track to "Monitor = In".  DONE
4) Bring in your audio instrument live signal input through an Audio Track. DONE
5) Set that Audio Track to "Monitor = In".  DONE
6) Set that Audio Track to "Audio To = Sends Only".  DONE
7) Send from that Audio Track to "A Return".  DONE

8) For "A Return" set "Audio To = the MIDI track hosting EchoLoop". Won't work. The MIDI track with the looper in it does not show in the drop down list of tracks I can send to from the Aux.

I don't understand why I would put the looper in a MIDI track. I also tried putting the looper in its own Audio track. Then I created a MIDI track that listens to the FCB and sends its output to that Looper track. The EchoLoop still won't listen.

9) Loop ahead! :-)

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen