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Echoloop now working for PC (mac?)

Apologies to anyone who suffered with an Echoloop version that was
never going to work.

Here's the fix on PC


This is latest version that I have access to, and is checked and
working in
Plogue Bidule

and....yes......wait for it
Ableton Live.

One issue I found in Ableton was that the plugin had to have it's midi 
set to CH 1,
even though I was sending it stuff on CH2. (confirmed with Ableton's midi filter).

So, I dunnow, does Ableton mess with midi channel of data it passes?

Anyway, the detailed but simple to follow instructions for running the 
in Ableton do indeed work. There's *no* problem with Note-Off.

Matthias says he has a working mac version, but hasn't yet been able to 
confirm that the bug
I found was fixed for mac.
Once again, apologies from Mathons for allowing this to occur.

andy butler