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Re: Tom Swirly goes to Berlin

I am on my way to Berlin right now. Will be there for ten days. Havevmy voice and some blues harps!

Antony Hequet
Poet composer

On 27 mai 2012, at 22:44, Tom Swirly <tom@swirly.com> wrote:

Hello, Loopers of the Universe!

I'm off to Berlin, and I'm bringing my rig with me (and some fancy lights too).  I'll be there for three months (Jun 1 - September 1) and will also be travelling around Europe somewhat during the time.

I'm looking for musicians to jam with, and I'll also be looking to book gigs starting from July 1 - also looking for venues to see loopy, electronic, experimental or underground music, in Berlin, in Germany, or neighboring countries.

loop on!



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