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Re: Trimming posts &/or taking it off list (was Re: US Tour dates to and from Y2KX+2)

Once every year or so,  I get bitchy about this phenomenon and the problem
always comes creeping back.

I know a lot of people use Gmail and have mail filters out, but I
subscribe to the daily digest, specifically because I don't want to have
to wade through individual posts all the time.

A quick perusal of the list and I can see immediately what there is to
read or reply to that's relevant for me.

Perhaps it's antiquated but it's not called a Daily Digest for no reason.

PLEASE DON"T BE LAZY by just hitting REPLY.
TRIM YOUR POSTS.............thanks!

> Sorry to be grouchy, but it's a pet peeve. I do hope you both have a
> wonderful time at the festival!