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Re: Interface recommendations

Am 09.10.2012 01:16, schrieb Philip:
The interfaces I have been thinking of are MOTU 828mk3, Saffire, or 
something by RME. If I decide to expand, it would be nice to be able to 
daisy chain two units together and use them in my DAW with minimal fuss.

In general, I'd like to add a +1 to Sylvain's post about the RMEs, especially regarding quality of the actual computer connection. While RME can do only interfaces (and the components within them), they can do all of them really well, including pres, converters, computer interfaces chipset, software drivers, digital clock etc. On the other hand, with companies like TC, they can do great converters and pres and effects software, but lack in the computer connection...

I also heard a lot of good things about the MOTU audio interfaces (I'm happy with my Express XT), but no 1st hand experience here...

Which interface by RME are you specifically looking at? And of course, what's your budget? The RME Fireface UFX would fulfil your requirement of "just want to be able to start recording", with a standalone recorder functionality, albeit at a price. As for I/O, it has 12 on the device, plus a coax SPDIF (to which your AxeFx2 might connect?) and two pairs of ADAT lightpipes - in combination with a pair of Behringer ADA8000 (which are actually quite decent, if you make sure to sync them to a stable digital clock), you thus would get 30 ins. The older Fireface 800 has only a few ins less...

As for cascading multiple devices: I can only say about the RME proprietary format, which allows for that - they use the same application level software interfaces, so it should also work with the IEEE1394/USB-based interfaces, but best check.

As for Silvain's statement that people usually praise what they bought - I'm not like that. Here's a few comments on other interfaces: * TC Electronics (mine: Konnekt24D): great converters, great effects, decent pres, drivers/computer interface a catastrophe. You essentially need to test drive on the specific platform you're using before buying (and then might end
up surprised when switching computer).
* RME (multiface/digiface): no-hassles solution. There's not much to critizise here... * Presonus (Firebox): if RME is the Mercedes, then this may be the Volkswagen. * Marian (UCON CX and some ADAT interface thing): they actually work well, but driver support is a problem...