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Re: Interface recommendations

I can vouch for the fireface 800 if that's what your looking at from
RME.  Very good quality, lots of IO, but the clincher for me is the
stability of the drivers on OS X...  I've had no issues at all since
acquiring it last year (I had to wait a year before upgrading to
Lion).  In all my years playing music with computers, this has been
the only no hassle audio interface I've own.  It's also the most
expensive I've ever bought, so maybe there's a link there (or maybe
I'm just trying to justify my expensive purchase).

I haven't looked at daisy chaining, since I only have one and I don't
need more I/O, but it can serve as a firewire hub for other RME units
(I think).

The killer feature is all the routing you can do within the unit from
inputs to outputs back to inputs...  you can create routing presets
and select them via midi (this even works without a computer).  This
allows you to keep things plugged in, yet maintain flexibility in your
audio path.

I'm sure there are other good options, this is just the one that made
the most sense for me.  As always when buying equipment, its probably
more useful to make a list of features that important to you and
comparing that to what's on offer.

Here are some of the things I was considering when I decided on FF800:
- great preamps
- at least 8 ins and outs
- digital outs
- firewire hub (for external HD when recording)
- stand alone use
- stability with OS X
- midi controllable
- fits in my case (1U)
- lots of sampling rate options
- good reviews for sound quality
- in-device routing of ins and outs


On Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 7:16 PM, Philip <philip.ojc@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been researching interfaces and posts on the various forums seem to 
> invariably end up with people defending their own expensive purchases 
> and/or troll fests.
> I know this isn't exactly live-looping, but considering that this is 
> probably one of the few places where I can hope to get some solid 
> discussion on the topic without things going off the rails, I've decided 
> to ask for your thoughts.
> My main instrument is guitar. I use an AxeFx2 for my electric and 
> acoustic guitars and bass. Apart from that I have a room full of old 
> Roland gear Juno60, 808, 909, 303s 202 etc. I don't use any microphones, 
> so mic pres aren't really an issue. I like leaving stuff plugged in, so 
> a lot of inputs is important. I use Logic on a 2011 iMac.
> The interfaces I have been thinking of are MOTU 828mk3, Saffire, or 
> something by RME. If I decide to expand, it would be nice to be able to 
> daisy chain two units together and use them in my DAW with minimal fuss.
> I don't like messing around with things. If I'm playing the guitar or a 
> synth and I stumble on something I like, I just want to be able to start 
> recording.
> AD quality is important, though because a lot of my gear doesn't have 
> any way to save presets and the chances of my being able to stumble 
> across my original settings in order to re-record it through good gear 
> at a later time is probably nill.
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
> Philip