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Interface recommendations

I've been researching interfaces and posts on the various forums seem to 
invariably end up with people defending their own expensive purchases 
and/or troll fests. 

I know this isn't exactly live-looping, but considering that this is 
probably one of the few places where I can hope to get some solid 
discussion on the topic without things going off the rails, I've decided 
to ask for your thoughts.

My main instrument is guitar. I use an AxeFx2 for my electric and acoustic 
guitars and bass. Apart from that I have a room full of old Roland gear 
Juno60, 808, 909, 303s 202 etc. I don't use any microphones, so mic pres 
aren't really an issue. I like leaving stuff plugged in, so a lot of 
inputs is important. I use Logic on a 2011 iMac.

The interfaces I have been thinking of are MOTU 828mk3, Saffire, or 
something by RME. If I decide to expand, it would be nice to be able to 
daisy chain two units together and use them in my DAW with minimal fuss. 

I don't like messing around with things. If I'm playing the guitar or a 
synth and I stumble on something I like, I just want to be able to start 

AD quality is important, though because a lot of my gear doesn't have any 
way to save presets and the chances of my being able to stumble across my 
original settings in order to re-record it through good gear at a later 
time is probably nill.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.