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Re: How do you all do pitch shifting in performance?

I use hardware: An ensoniq DP/4+...

There is a pitch shifter in mainstage, but it doe not have a feedback control. You can set up a series of auxes feeding auxes, but mainstage wil mute the audio if it "detects feedback".

I'd love to hear how you all accomplish pitch shifting in live performance. I've tried it with Mobius, but I get a lot of cutting. Maybe my Macbook Pro isn't fast enough? (2.4Ghz, 4MB, SDD)

At any rate, how do you all do it most easily? Pedals? is there a plugin for Mainstage that I can get to do pitch shifting?

It's great here in Santa Cruz, by the way, at the Live Looping Festival. If any of you are here, please introduce yourself to me. I'm the guy with the brown hat, black glasses, stunning good looks. Well, two out of three of those are true.

Michael Carlson