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Re: Any news on the LP1?

Same here, glad to see progress no matter how slow.  Looking forward to 
the reviews.


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On Oct 19, 2012, at 8:33 PM, 7stringjazz <davew@easystreet.net> wrote:

> Thanks guys, I have not used mine in months so was wondering what the 
> status was. I did see that Bob made a drive by posting on Looperlative a 
> few weeks ago and with Rick's news on 1.4 maybe we will see it soon.
> On 10/19/2012 1:16 PM, Rick Walker wrote:
>> The Y2K12 Looping Festival has made me delay by one week, but I've been 
>> given
>> 1.4, which has all the fixes for the buggy (but more feature laden) 
>> 1.39, to beta test.
>> Bob has put a lot of effort into it recently and is working on it now, 
>> as we speak.
>> It's a much longer story, but the problems getting a steady workable 
>> LP-2 Mini Looper out to the market
>> coupled with a job of his that has been eating up 55+ hours a week have 
>> led to the delays.
>> He's not shipping LP-2s.  It was demonstrated by Bill Walker last night 
>> at touch the looper and I'll be using
>> mine at the Y2k12 Loopfest this coming weekend with no problems and 
>> enhance fidelity from the first iteration,
>> so I think things are finally moving again in Looperlative land, 
>> thankful to say.
>> Rick Walker
>> On 10/18/12 3:32 PM, Rob Campbell wrote:
>>> Latest firmware is 1.39 (18 months ago), but reports were mixed on 
>>> that version citing that previously stable features had been broken.  
>>> (not the first time the upgrades had that issue).  Some people say 
>>> 1.34 was the last stable version.  That says something. (google:  
>>> 'looperlative 1.34 stable' )
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