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Re: How do you all do pitch shifting in performance?

Hi Michael,

I take it you don't want the looped melody to change its length, that
we are now talking real pitch shifting. Given the Electrixpro Repeater
is discontinued the best way to achieve this I know about would be to
use Ableton Live and record your melody as an Audio Clip (not using
its Looper plugin). But as I remember this procedure it is not
particularly transparent in a performing situation. You can assign a
MIDI CC# to transpose the clip's pitch (using Ableton terminology
here) but it works on the selected and recording track, so you need to
keep it that way.

When I did "chord changes" on the EDP (as I do it today with the
Mobius looper) I build each chord as a separate loop (because it
sounds a lot better than technical pitch shifting). I have one MIDI
pedal board bank for this: the first five switches are for direct
triggering (on the set shift quantize value) of each loop. Besides
this the switch for loop #1 doubles up as the Record Button IF nothing
has yet been recorded into the looper (but when the looper is not in
Reset Mode this switch works as just another Direct Loop Call switch).
I also have a switch for Overdub and one for Multiply, in case I want
to work a little longer on one loop than just the basic one or two bar
length. With this setup you can create five alternative chord loops in
one quick action.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 6:49 PM, TripleOhNine <3x09@carlsonarts.com> wrote:
> Thanks, guys.  More specifically, I want to sing a monophonic diatonic 
> melody and loop it, then be able to transpose it to any key using a 
> keyboard.  the original signal at the original pitch goes to the looping 
> device or plug in, and the keyboard sends the midi commands to the 
> device or plug in to tell it to what note(s) I want the loop transposed 
> to.   Even better, I want to create chord changes, or at least a bass 
> line that changes between I IV V and such, and capture that in another 
> loop so I don't have to build the harmonies one by one, or sing a bass 
> line three times, which can be pedantic.
> Is this clear?  Given this goal, which of the suggestions so far do you 
> think would be best for me to use?  I'd prefer a plugin by the way, if 
> possible.
> Michael Carlson
> 3x09
> On Oct 20, 2012, at 9:27 AM, Per Boysen wrote:
>> On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 5:53 PM, Charles Zwicky 
>> <cazwicky@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>> There is a pitch shifter in mainstage, but it doe not have a feedback
>>> control.  You can set up a series of  auxes feeding auxes, but 
>>> mainstage wil
>>> mute the audio if it "detects feedback".
>> I use that one, "PitchShifter II", but always set to wet on a parallel
>> track due to the bad latency it induces. The latency of the pitched
>> shifted signal is still being delayed but at least the not pitch
>> shifted signal goes free from the extra latency. I use it set at -5 so
>> the shifted signal will be lower in pitch and allow the non pitched
>> signal to take the lead for fidelity and timing issues :-)
>> If you are looking for the feedback pitch shifting thing it is better
>> to get a third-party plugin that does it well, for example Expert
>> Sleeper's Crossfade Loop Synth or SoundToy's Crystallizer (I have
>> others too that I don't mention, these two are the best IMHO)
>> Greetings from Sweden
>> Per Boysen
>> www.perboysen.com
>> http://www.youtube.com/perboysen