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Re: Music Notation symbols for loops?

It's always challenging to use traditional notation practices with a 
non-tradition "aural" artform (aurtform?).  To clarify, are you saying 
that you want the sheet music to show every measure of the piece, as if it 
was taken from a full score that shows all of the parts?

If I were to actually notate a bass part that way, I might simply include 
the particular groove notated in its entirety at the beginning of each 
section, and then use the traditional symbol that indicates repeating a 
pattern, bracketing the number of measures that represents the length of 
the groove each time the groove is replayed.  

For example, if the groove pattern is four measures long, I would score it 
out at each occurence the first time it is played, and then bracket the 
next four measures and put a large symbol in the middle of those four 
measures indicating that the groove pattern should be repeated.  And so 
forth bracketing each four measures as the piece continues, until the 
groove changes when I would do the same thing again for the new groove.

But I'm sure there may be another way to do it that works even better.

Michael Carlson

On Dec 31, 2012, at 4:07 AM, Buzap Buzap wrote:

> Hi Rick
> I guess your approach makes sense for complex stuff, i.e. polyrhythmic 
> music. If I remember right, even serial music (i.e. Philip Glass) is 
> notated this way.
> I was thinking way simpler, more in terms of "Ableton Clips for Lead 
> Sheets". More specifically, I'd like to define several bass grooves and 
> notate on the lead sheet when each bass groove is played - avoiding 
> repetition as much as possible.
> Any common notation suggestions for this?
> best regards
> Buzap