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Re: Vox Loopers continued

Andy, what I was looking for was an all stop/all start function that 
worked for both loops simultaneously.

As in....I record loop 1 (2 measures)......I record loop 2 (eight 
measures)......now they are both playing....

Time for a dramatic pause- 

I want to be able to stop both loop 1 and loop 2 at the same 
time.......then start them both back up simultaneously. 

There is that function for instance on the Boss RC 300, they even have a 
dedicated pedal for it now. It was possible on the RC 50 with the use of 
an aux footswitch. It's possible with the new Boomerang (which I'm still 
trying to sell), and it was possible with the Echoplex, though I don't 
remember what it was called.

Anyway......I guess I could get used to doing it with stopping the loops 
at different times, but I have gotten used to being able to do it at the 
same time.