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Re: Vox Loopers continued

john floridis wrote:

Anyway......I guess I could get used to doing it with stopping the loops at different times,

Sure, In practice I found it works well enough.

I had a look at the Li'l Looper manual, and it says
"don't press both switches of the [extension] footswitch simultaneously. Doing so can cause a malfunction".

So it's always going to be 2 presses at least to stop 2 loops with a Vox 

Live looping is always about working within limitations

I'd advise that with the VDL-1 that the switches only work on one loop at 
a time,
and to go from loop A to loop B means hitting *both* of the top 2 buttons 

This isn't ideal when playing live!
( I actually modded my VDL-1 to do that with one extra switch)