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Fwd: Re: LP1 firmware is now open-sourced

/"Amazing and totally great! As a 15+ years Linux/OSS guy, I embrace this move. Not only will this allow others adding their LP features, but might also serve to put pressure on the market for features missing in other products. Big time kudos to Bob ;)/"

I just spent the evening with Bob,  his lovely wife and amazing family!
I have to say that in all of my years in the music 'biz', I've never met someone who had greater heart or had more determination to serve our community than Bob. This is a guy who has put literally thousands of hours into creating new tools for the looping
community.   He's never made dime one from his efforts.

As long as I've known him, it has been the love of live looping that has spurned him on.

The products that he has put out are amazing and they are also such a huge committment that many people should be working on their improvement on a continual business instead of
one single human being.

Outside of a very, very small handful of people, however, it's all been up to Bob.

The entire time, he has juggled supporting a 5 member family and worked his ass off at a very
demanding hi tech day job.

The fact that he's done all that he's done to further the technology for this International Live Looping
community has always been a Godsend to me, personally.

I hope this move with the LP-1 software will encourage people to contribute to this cool instrument. Also, we made some strong breakthroughs tonight on the perfection of the LP-2 Mini Looper and I'm excited to bring it to show people in Europe and the UK in a short month's time.

All kudos to Bob Amstadt (and the many other pioneers that have created live looping instruments in hardware and software so that we , as musicians , have better and better tools with which to be creative).

Looperlative will continue into the future.  I promise you!

most sincerely,     Rick Walker