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Re: Noise gate / upgrade steps (LP1 for sale)

Rob Campbell wrote:

I don't recall ever having adjusted that setting on my unit, but it may be that reconfiguring my setup a bit recently changed the levels going in to the LP1, thereby providing the conditions for the noise gate to do its thing, but on my actual instrument signal rather than background

sounds reasonable, the LP1 has a sound level meter on the front panel
which is a bit of guidance to getting the right input level.

Andy, thanks for the troubleshooting tips - yes, I'm getting an IP address on the LP1. I'm a bit hampered now since there were upgrade instructions on the forum. Anybody have those stashed someplace?

Only in my head.

Switch LP1 off.

Plug LP1 into router via ethernet.
(i think direct into pc should work too)

Switch LP1 on.

Get ip address from LP1 (main menu?)

Open your web browser, and type in the ip address where
you'd normally put a web page address.
(Note: this may not be the same as last time you did this)

From here, iirc, the simple 'webpage' that you get has all necessary 

Not sure, offhand, if there's a step where you use the front panel of the 
to start the upload.