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Audio path tweakage


Once a year I have a bash at trying to clean up my rig, change some cables, work on better audio path, and try to get rid of some more hiss, hum and filth.

So, Question:

Using the maxim "less is more" (a maxim that I abhor and can see no value in whatsoever) I am wondering the following thing.

My rig (simplified) is thus. 

Various Audio Sources >> mixer >> send out >> daisy chain cable to various loopers >> loopers >> mixer.

Therefore, I have the possibility, risking feedback, of looping a looper.

However I NEVER use this function, and was wondering. 
If I simply SPLIT the signal from my various audio devices BEFORE the mixer (passively, just on a patch bay, and go direct into the daisy chain cable to the loopers, NOT via the send, THEN there is one less audio stage the signal must go thru. I will have less level control (currently I have the channel send level controls AND an overall send level control) but I can still set input levels individually on the loopers...

Is this sound Audiowise? Or should this splitting be done with some kinda amp? (Bare in mind that I have no money left (after the Gordius purchase, expected any day) or Rack space, for any other products!


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe