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Re: street rig

this one i have and ive done gigs in the forest with it,guitar and mic
it has everything you need

From: Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com>
To: Loopers-Delight <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2013 7:19 PM
Subject: Re: street rig

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 6:31 PM, Antony Hequet <antony.hequet@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Any of you with knowledge and experience in this area, please help me make
> some wise battery and inverter choices, and maybe some advuce about how to
> make it into a nice rig on wheels...

If you want to go with (the much more convenient) AA batteries you can
check out Roland's amps on this page:
http://www.roland.com/amp/battery/index.html.I use the CUBE Street
for a Stick Guitar, dual inputs - one channel per fretboard side, and
it works very well on the street. I can run at max volume knob
position 60 percent for the clean side (with optional mic, but I use
it for the bass side output from my instrument) and max 40 percent
master volume knob position for the melody side. If going louder on
the master knobs the CUBE Street distorts in an unpleasant way. I use
none of the many available effects since they take off a bit of
presence but I use the digital slap delay on both channels (since it
adds space without degrading the original tone). This is not screaming
loud but works well on the street even for quite big areas. I've
noticed that I draw a bigger crowd when playing at a low volume and
placing the amp carefully to take advantage of reflecting surfaces on
the pavement, a wall behind me or a protruding store ceiling above. I
dial in a little more treble than sounds good and throw a good-looking
piece of cloth over the speakers to damp it into the sonic sweet-spot;
this makes the general sound more pleasant than you can achieve with
just the tone knobs of the amp.

I have tried my Grand Stick (36") on the CUBE Street but the low bass
doesn't come out so well. In fact nothing of the majestic Grand's
sounds as good on the CUBE as the Stick Guitar (26,5") does. In case
you use a higher tuning on your Stick it might work better though (I'm
on MR here). The COSM amp sims all sound like crap to me, except for
one that sounds really good: the Classic (a Marshall) and I use it at
the very lowest gain setting for the melody side. This is an excellent
allround sound for my busking. If you don't need that COSM thing you
might find the KC-110 a better choice because it handles bass
frequencies better, is more powerful and has three input channels
(harmonica + 2 STick channels).

I've been thinking about maybe adding a battery driven looper to my
CUBE Street and will then use a mic to catch the sound into the looper
and feed the looper's output into the CUBE's Aux input. Not sure this
will happen though, since using a Stick rather than a guitar allows
you do do a lot of stuff directly by playing that you would otherwise
need looping to pull off. Anyway, my bottom line is that I am very
happy with the CUBE Street. It fits into a shopping bag on wheels and
leaves room for a big "buy this guy's CD" sign, a whawha pedal,
cables, extra stings and a one day stock of CDs. At home I have a
battery re-charger to fuel those six AA batteries during night-time.
The thought of schlepping around that heavy old-school battery
solution feels just alien; with the light-weight rig I have now I can
even walk up/down stairs carrying everything and I think that's worth
a lot.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen