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Re: Echoloop Master Ableton Slave


I am really sorry for all the efforts you may have done in vain
the same day you brought the subject, I tested the MIDIclock output of 
Echoloop and was surprised it did not work
the next day I fixed the bug and sent you a version that does send 
I did not put it on line yet because I could not test it sufficiently yet

but as others say, I suspect there is no simple way to turn Ableton into a 
slave (well, who wants to be one? :-)
I was not aware that their own plugin can do so
maybe they explain us how they do it so we can do the same? 

Bidule can receive a sync signal because they continue a protocol feature 
that Steinberg declared as Depreciated, years ago!
so I send that out and apparently Ableton does not see it...

but really, if in a whole year no one noticed that the MIDIclock out did 
not work and only you brought that Ableton slave question, maybe I should 
give priority to Evoloop?

its frustrating how much time I invested into Sync (maybe 1/3 of the EDP 
development time?) and how little I achieved with it

On 24.Nov, 2013, at 4:56 PM, Phil Clevenger <phil.clevenger@gmail.com> 

> And yes, I spoke with Matthias about this, but an easy fix was not easy 
> ;) and honestly I'd rather know Matthias is focusing on fun new projects 
> than tinkering about in Echoloop just because there is a squeaky wheel :)