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Re: Looper Ergonomics for Sync (ref : Looperlative LP1)

I like how it's done in Mobius:
Quoting from http://www.circularlabs.com/doc/v2/synchronization.htm

6.1 Track Sync Master
To use track sync, you first record a track freely without synchronization. The first track recorded becomes the track sync master and you will see the words "Track Master" appear above the loop meter. Once the track sync master has been set, other tracks that are recorded will be forced to have a size that is exactly related to the master track. If the master track is reset, the next available track to the right that is not empty is chosen as the new master.
6.4 Changing the Track Sync Master Track
Normally once a track becomes the track sync master it will continue to be the master for the entire performance. In some special cases though you may want to make a different track the master. This can be accomplished in two ways: using the Sync Master Track function or the Resetfunction.
The Sync Master Track function will make the currently selected track the new track sync master. This is the most flexible way to select a sync master track.
If you use the Reset function to reset the current track sync master, Mobius will automatically select a new sync master. It will select the first track to the right of the old master track that has a non-empty loop.

Except for that one can also pre set certain tracks a specific synchronisation (Default, None, Track, Out, Host, MIDI).

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:05 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
What becomes clear is that by actually using a looper
with many tracks the user gets to find the easy way.

On the LP1, because it allows you to set any track to be master
at any time it's very easy to sync tracks in any way with
just 2 switches plus the ability to select a track.

I don't use the intended LP1 method of having 2 buttons for Record
(synced & unsynced). I use syncRecord all the timne.

To record an unsynced track I simply select it, make it master and then record.

Any tracks that are synced to a previous master will stay in sync.

So "sync to XXX" (if needed, because accurate looplength may be enough)
is something the user never has to see, can be kept internally.

I can't imagine the user would enjoy the process of having to
enter "sync to xxx"

So simplest way would be to just have "Set As Master" for the user.
That allows any combination of synced bundles of loops.
Only disadvantage is that user has to remember to choose master
before reocording.

It would be easy enough to show on display which loop is currently master,
and I don't think it's easy to show a lot of info about which loop is synced
to which other loop.


On 17/01/2014 05:53, Matthias Grob wrote:
my dream is that any track can be master
and when a track is meant to become slave, it can be defined slave of any other track
this allows to establish a new rhythm out of a lost-in-space-rhythm

so the assignment would not be master/synced/unsynced
but synced to xxx (being that xxx can be another track, another loop unit, or nothing)