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Re: Looper Ergonomics for Sync (ref : Looperlative LP1)

On 17/01/2014 09:47, Per Boysen wrote:
I like how it's done in Mobius:
  The first track recorded becomes the track sync master

Also in the LP1.
but I found it annoying, and had to assign a valuable switch
to fix.

Often I'd start with an unsynced track/tracks and bring in
rhythmic synced tracks later.


I figure it makes more sense for Track 1 to be default master.
So, for most things I just start with track 1, and I'm in sync.

If I want to start unsynced I could just choose some other track to start 

So, question is:
Is there any reason someone would need to start on some track other than 
track 1?
( and does that apply if you're not using Mobius? )

As to automatically selecting a new master when the old one is reset,
that's a whole different question.
The Mobius solution to that doesn't have a lot going for it (or does it?)