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Re: wikipedia page on looping

Regarding live looping it's rather poor either by the wikipedia standards 
of 'proper references'
or in terms of explaining the difference between live looping and other 
loop forms.
..and several vanity links to info about artists that have zero loop 
content when you click them.


On 24/03/2014 16:46, Z wrote:
perfect for me!

Le 24 mars 2014 à 15:36, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com 
<mailto:mark@markfrancombe.com>> a écrit :

I still don't see the problem of just linking up the Live Looping page to 
the more general Loop music page. Its got everything we want there, Terry 
Riley, Fripp /Eno, even a line about Santa Cruz festivals...

Read it guys... wont it do?


Just cos YOUR favourite looper (box, software or musician) isn't 
mentioned... are we really so unique that we need our own page?